Sussex County

List of Free Negroes & Mulattoes, 1801-1812

Library of Virginia microfilm no. 221


Names of males, females, children, occupation and location


1801, District of tax commissioner David Graves

frame 1, Joseph Lewis

Sela Lewis, Polley Flowers, Nancy Lewis/ weavers & spinners & children


Males: Benjamin Flowers

John Flowers, Berry Flowers (children),

Banjamin Flowers on Hansel Jones land

Females: Ann Flowers, Sarey Owen

Salley Flowers, Betsey Flowers, Sela Flowers, Nancy Flowers (children) on Robert Walker's land


Females: Judy, Amey planters on Anthony Hill's land


Females: Jemima Reed/ Spinner

Males: Sandy Reed, Saml Reed, Balaam Reed (children)

Females: Patty Reed (child)


Females: Nancy Brandon planter & spinner

Males: Hartwel Brandon, Jefrey Brandon, Moses Brandon } children

Females: Winnie Brandon on Howel Jones Jr., land


Males: Charles Brandon planter land of Catherine Hackly


Males: Frederick Brandon planter on James Spre(?) land


frame 3, List of John Chappell

Males: Jacob Newby farmer on James Brocks

Sam Roberts farmer on ditto

Abram James ditto ditto, females: Sary James spinner & 3 small children on James Brocks


Males: Kinchen Taylor farmer on James Wadkins land

females: Amy Taylor spinner ditto

Tempy Taylor ditto ditto


Males: Drew Taylor farmer ditto


Males: John Canady wheelwright on Benja Ellis' land


Males: Charles Fels Sawyer on his own land

females: Patsey spinner ditto


Males: Ned Rix farmer on Thos Blunts land

females: Jinny Rix spinner ditto


frame 4, Males: Charles Banicer farmer Thos Presson land

females: Silvy Banicer spinster ditto

Rhody, Eley, Veny, Lettis children ditto


David Ivey cooper, Daniel Ivey


frame 5, Males: Benja Jeffry farmer on Allen Hines


1802, List of John Chappell, frame 6

Charles Fels, sawyer, his own land

females: Pat, spinster on Charles Fels land


frame 7, Hugh Canady, Miller

Betsey, Susan, Sary spinsters on William Birdsong's land


Jacob Newby, farmer, James Brooks' land

Sam Roberts & Abram James ditto

Kinchen Taylor Amey Taylor farmer, spinster on James Wadkins land

John Canady, whellwright, Stephen Anderson's land

Sisms Turner, farmer, Nicolas Presson's land


Charles Banicar, farmer, Thos Presson's land

Sily, spinster, ditto

Rodey, Elie, Viney & Lettis children


frame 8, list of David Graves, 1802

Males: Joseph Lewis Females: Sela Lewis planters on Howel Jones's land, Nany Lewis, Polly Flowers children ditto


Benja Flowers, John Flowers, Anna Flowers, Sary Owen planters

Berry & Benja Flowers, Jr., Sally, Betsy, Sela, Nancy Flowers } children on Robt Walker's land


Nathan Owen, Polly Owen planters on Thos Chappell land

Females: Seludy, Huldy & Patty Owen


frame 9, Females: Jemima Reed spinner on Henry Browns land

males: Sandy Reed, Saml Reed, Balaam Reed; Females: Patty Reed } children


Isham Hix, Elizabeth on John Bonner's

Lewis Hix planter on Thos Bonner's

James Owen planter on Henry Jones's

William Owen, Polly Owen planter on Mason Harwell's


Jack Brandon, Nanney Bandon planters

Hartwell & Moses Brandon; Lucy Brandon & Winnie Brandon children on Catherine Hartley's


Females: Nancy & Lucy Saunty spinners on Sally Newsom's land


frame 11, 1803, list of David Graves

Joseph Lewis, Sela Lewis planters on Howel Jones's land

William Lewis, Benjamin Lewis, Nancy Lewis children


Males: Benja Flowers, Jas Valentine, John Flowers; Females: Ann Flowers & Sary Flowers

Berry Flowers, Benjamin, Jr., and Thomas Flowers; Sally & Betsey Flowers, Sela & Nancy Flowers } children on Robert Walker's land


Nathan Owen, Polly Owen planters


Drury & Henry Owen; Seluda & Hulda Owen, Patsey & Mimey Owen on Thos Chappell land


frame 12, George Hunt, Milley Hunt planters

Males: Sandy & George Hunt, Matthew & Beede Hunt; Females: Liddy & Milly Hunt, Creasey} children on John Massenburgs


Females: Jemima Reed spinner on David Jones's land

Sandy Reed, Samuel & James Reed; Pattey Reed


Females: Beck, Creasy Chavus planter, Males: Matthew Chavus on Howel Jones's land


Isham Hix blacksmith with John Bonner, Jr.


Jack Brandon Nanney Brandon planter

Hartwell Brandon & Moses Brandon; Beckey & Winney Brandon} children on Catherine Hartley's


Isham Flowers planter, works about

William Lewis, Lucy Lewis, Polley Flowers planters; Frankey Lewis child on Richard Harwell's


frame 14, John Chappell's list for 1803

Jack Wootton & Elick, Tamer farmers on Mark Carrolls

Charles Fels farmer on Nicholas Presson's

Patty spinster ditto

Jack Blizzard farmer ditto

Charles Banicar, Silvy farmers on John Wadkins land


frame 15, Benja Jeffrey vagabond

Moses Jeffrey journeyman

Simon Parham, Polly Evans, his own land

Jacob Briggs, journeyman

Joe Newby, Sucky farmers; Elijah, Zachariah, Fed; Mitty, Lettis children on William Wrenn's


frame 16, Dick More, Sary Moore farmers on Margaret Hix land


frame 17, David Graves list for 1804

William Santy, Mason Santy planters; Betsy & Lucy Santy chiildren with Jas Wilbourn


frame 18, Joseph Lewis, Selah Lewis, Polly Flowers planters

William & Benja Lewis; Nancy Lewis children on William Parham's land


Benjamin Flowers, Nancy Flowers planters

Benjamin Flowers Sary Owen

John, Berry & Thomas Flowers; Sally, Betsy, Selah & Nancy Flowers on Robt Walkers

Isham Hix blacksmith with John Bonner, Jr.


Males: Hall; Females: Jemima Reed, Beck planters

Jimmy Reed, Patty Reed children on Howel Jones


Females: Peggy Banks spinner on Henry Brown's

Sandy, Ned, Chana, Meriah children


frame 19,

Anthony Banks hatter on Joel Bullock's


Jack Brandon, Nanney Brandon planters

Hartwell & Moses; Beck & Winny Brandon} children on Catherine Hartleys


Females: Nancy & Lucy Santy spinners on Gilley Underwood's


1804 List of John Chappell, frame 20

Jacob Newby, Phillis & 4 children farmer on James Brocks

frame 21, Charles Fels, Patty farmers on Nicholas Presson

John Blizzard, journeyman

Joseph Newby, Suckey & Lettis farmer on Wm Wrenns


frame 23, 1805 list of David Graves

William Saunty, Betsey & Mason Saunty planters, Lucy Saunty child on Pinkey Tynes land

frame 25, Anthony Banks hatter, Eady Banks

Peter Banks child on Joel Bullocks


Jack Brandon, Nanney Brandon

Hartwell, Moses Brandon; Beck & Winney Brandon children on Catey Hearley's

James Hix, Molly Hix miller & spinner on Lewis Parham's


frame 26, Isham Flowers, Polly Flowers planter on Benja Batt's


frame 27, John Chappell's list for 1805

James Wooton, Mimey Wooton & 1 child on Jesse Hargroves

Jack Wooton, Mason & 1 child farmers on Reubin Wadkins


Charles Fels, Patt Fels & 2 children farmers on Nicholas Presson


frame 28, Benja Jeffrey journeyman

Moses Jeffrey journeyman

Joe Newby Sucky & 4 children farmers on Wm Wrenn's


frame 29, Charles Fels, Pat & 2 children farmer on Nicholas Presson's

Jack Blizzard farmer on John Lambs


frame 30, Hugh Cannady miller, Betty, Susan & Sary spinners on Wm Birdsong's


1806, List of Commissioner James Pennington, frame 31

Ceasar Parham Judy Parham; James, Henry, Bob, Jesse (males), Nancy, Betsy, Franky, Tempy, Polly} children; his own land


James Scott, Winny Scott planters; Billy Scott, Betsy Scott, Mima Scott on Betsy Scott's land


William Eppes carpenter, works about

Fed Hall Jemima Reed, Beck planters

Jimmey Reed, Polly Reed children with Jas Spann on Howel Jones land


Tom Parham, Judy Parham, planters, with James Jones

Anthony Parham, carpenter, works about

Anthony Banks, hatter on Hardy Pates' land

Frank Banks, planter with John R. Davis


frame 32, Ben Flowers, Nancy Flowers, planters on Robt Walker's land Ben Flowers Sarah Owen

John, Berry Flowers; Sally, Betsy, Celia, Polley & Nancy Flowers children


Nathan Owen, Polly Owen planters

Drury & Henry Owen; Huldah, Seluda, Patsy, Mima, Doll children on William Harper's land

James Hicks, Molly Hicks planters

Milley child on Thos Malone's land

Joe Lewis, Celia Lewis on Wm Winfield's land

Peterson, Billy, Ben; Nancy } children


Lucy Granville spinner ditto

Celia Spinner ditto

Charles, Lucy children ditto


Hall Lewelling, Martha Jackson, Martha and Amey children on his own land


James Owen, planter with Henry Jones

Isham Flowers, Beck Flowers, Moll Flowers planter & spinners on Benjamin Batt's land


Baker Parham, Anny, Nan

Faney, Silvy, Mariah, Selah, Sucky children on the land of Stith Parham, decd.


Wm Santy, Mason Santy, planter with Jos Wilbourne

Betsy, Lucy Santy children


George Shepherd wheelright works about

Isham Hicks, Blacksmith, with John Bonner

Ceaser Richardson, sawyer, works about

Billy Richardson, carpenter, ditto

Joseph Council, shoemaker, on his own

Frank Freeman, planter, works about

Tom Moore, planter, his own land

James Pollock, Patt, shoemaker & spinner on Patty Gilliam's land

Thos Stewart, cabinetmaker with John Day


1807, List of James Pennington, frame 33

Isham Flowers, Beck Flowers, Celia Flowers child on William Harper's land


Geo. Hunt, Milly Hunt, planter and spinner

males: Sands, George, Matthew, Charles

females: Lydia, Milley, Beady & Creasy } children

on John Massenburg's land


Billy Ofer, Juda planter

Tom(?) on Geo. Jones' land


James Hicks, Molly Hicks planters

Amey Hicks child on Wm Winfield's land


Frank Banks, planter, works about


Nathan Owen, Molley & 9 children planters on William Harper's land


Females: Nan Munds, spinner with Tom Moore


Ned Bonner, Rachell planters on William Shand's land

Frank Freeman, planter &c, works about


frame 34, Joe Lewis, Celah Lewis, planter & 4 children on Theodorick Chambly's land

Willis Jones, planter with Jos Counsil


Ceasor Parham, Judy Parham, planter on his own land

James, Henry, Bob; Nancy, Betsey, Franky, Tempy & Patty children


James Scott, Winney Scott, shoemaker

John Scott, Betsy, Mima planter &c on his own land

Nancy, Polly, Polley & Betty children


Benja Flowers, Anna Flowers planter and spinner on Robt Walker's land;

males: John, Ben, Tom, Berry, Billey

females: Salley, Betsey, Celah, Pollu } children


George Shepherd carpenter on John R. Davis land

Sam Harper, planter, works about

Anthony Banks, Hatter on the land of Hardy Pates, decd.

Anthony Carter, carpenter on his own land

Jos Council, shoe & bootmaker on his own land


Harris Dunn, planter on Mrs. Polly Gilliam's land

Wm Eppes, cooper with Wm Roe


Billy Graves, wife Lucy planters on John R. Davis land


Dunkey Hill, sawyer, works about

Austin Hill, Sawyer, works about


Martha Jackson, Amey, planters & spinners on their own land


frame 35, List of John Chappell, 1807

Thos Edwards, Lucy, Eliza farmers on Jess Hargrove's

males: John, Jim; females: Tempy, Sally, children


Sam Calthorp, Rose, Jinny & Celia, farmers on Jess Hargrove's


Jim Wootton, Mimey & 2 children, farmer ditto


Nanny & child spinster on John Barnes land


Macklin Wooton, Farmer & 4 children, John Wadkins' land

Caty Butler, spinster, widow Fasons


Simon James, Lucy, Silky, Frances, Nicey & 3 children, farmers on John Smith's


Jacob Newby, farmer on James Brock

Abram James, Sally, Letha & Makindred, 3 children ditto


Charles Roberts, Winny & 2 children, farmers on Jesse Bailey's


Sam Roberts, farmer on James Brock's

Benja George, Ann & 2 children, farmers with Saml Hargrave

Jim Butler, Sire & 3 children, farmer on John Hancock's

Ned Smith, Betty & 5 children, spinster, blacksmith, on Howell Nichols


frame 36, Davie(?) Guinea, farmer, journeyman

Harry Bonner, Mingo & James Valentine on Harry Bonner's


Isaac Cornwell, farmer, journeyman

Jerry Hargrave, farmer, journeyman

Davey Briggs, farmer, ditto

Will Hargraves, ditto, ditto

Peter Sampson, shoemaker, John Barker's

Moses Jeffrey, farmer, journeyman

John Ivey, farmer, Benja Wyche

David Ivey, Mimey, Nelly, Hannah, invalid(?), Daniel Ivey's

Aron Baird, Jinny, farmers C.(?) Harrison

Simon Parham, Polly, farmers, Simon Parham's land

Mike Rise & wife, shoemaker, on J. Wadkin's

Tom Ellis, farmer, journeyman


Solomon Hamlin, Molly, farmer, R. Wadkins

Bob & Simmons, Amey, Nanny children


Sisms Turner, Charlotte & 3 children, Nicholas Presson


Charles Fels, Patt & 2 children, farmer, ditto

Phill Edmunds, ditto, ditto

Lewis Turner, Patt, ditto, on Lewis Turner's

Jack Wootton, Mason & 1 child farmers, Reuben Wadkins

Richard Hull, farmer, Joseph Rosser


frame 37, List of James Pennington, 1808

Tom Moore, planter, Peggy Dunson, Raney Dunson & 1 child spinners with Tom Moore


frame 38, Billy Graves, miller for John R. Davis


Florio, Sal, Rody, planters & spinners on Geo. Graves land


Anthony Banks, Sam Banks & Shadrick Banks, Hatters, land belongs to estate of Hardy Pates


frame 42, John Canady, H. Joiner, James Cooper's land

Cresia Canady & 4 children ditto


frame 45, 1810

John Canady, Cresia & 4 children, house joiner, James Cooper

Peter Hill, plaster man, Joseph Phillips

Charles Macklin, farmer, Thos Blunts, Jr.


frame 46, Billy Graves, Jane & 1 child on Winfd Mansons, decd. land

George Shepherd, Nanny & 1 child, carpenter on John R. Davis's land

James Hicks, Molly Hicks, & 3 children, planter on Ro. Chappell's


Lucy Granville weaver & 5 children on Jno B. Davis land


frame 47, Ben Flowers, Anny Flowers planters

John, Ben, Tom, Berry, Billy; Sally, Betsey, Celar, & Polly } children on Ro. Walker's land


Isham Flowers, Beck Flowers; Celah, child, planter & spinners on Jno Parham's

Isham Bowser, planter, works about

Isham Hicks, ditto, ditto


1811, frame 48

Billy Graves, Miller, Jane Graves, & Nancy, spinners, on Jno R. Davis land


frame 49, Tom Moore, planter, on his own land

Willis, planter, with Tom Moore

Isham Bowser, planter, works about

Benjamin Flowers, Anna Flowers, on land of Wm Clements

John, Ben, Tom, Berry, Billy, Jack; Sally, Betsey, Celah, Polly } children

Isham Flowers, Beck Flowers, Celah, on John Parham's land

James Hicks, Molly Hicks, planters on Wm Winfield's, Amey, child


1811, List of John Chappell

Mike Rix, shoemaker, his own, Lucy, spinster, ditto

frame 51, Hugh Canady, Miller, on Wm Birdsong's, Betty & Sucky spinsters

Chalres Fels, Patt, farmers on Nicholas Presson's


frame 52, Joseph Newby, Sucky, Lettis, Charlott, farmers on Wm Wrenn's

males: Elijah, Stith, Ned, Exum, Zack, Charles & Macklin


1812, List of James Pennington

frame 54, Anthony Banks, Eady Banks, males: Miles Banks, Peter Banks; females: Nancy, hatter on Hardy Pates (est.) land


Mimey Read, spinner with Nathl H__

Peggy Banks, spinner with Henry Br__


frame 55, Tom Moore, planter on his own land

Willis(?), planter with Tom Moore

Isham Bowser, planter, works about

Ben Flowers, Anna Flowers, planters on John Powell's land

John, Ben, Tom, Berry, Billy, Jack; Celia, Polly } children


Isham Flowers, Beck Flowers on Ann Parham's land

Celia, child


Jas Hicks, Molly Hicks, planters on Wm Winfield's

Amey, child


Billy Graves, Sally Graves, planter on land of John R. Davis